eRecall Platform December Updates Announcement

This blog post is to announce recent product updates and enhancements in eRecall platform. We have been working tirelessly to release new features that have been requested by our customers.

In this post, we are going to provide high level overview for features we have published into our websit

1) Introducing Mega Recalls: In this new feature, users can easily navigate through mega recalls for items that have been recalled from top US retail stores or has affected units more than 100K units.

Mega recalls from Target and other top US retail stores
Mega recalls from Target and other top US retail stores

2) Introducing Trending Recalls:    In this new feature, users can easily navigate through important recalls for items that have been viewed, or shared through social media websites from our users.

Trending recalls: food recalls, products, drugs, medical devices, vehicles and more


3) Analytics Insights: In this new feature, users can easily check out  recalls at 360 degree for recalls by country, category, organization such as: FDA, CPSC, …etc and Remedy types.

4) Recall Item enhancements:   In this page, we have done tons of new enhancements in viewing new details of recall notices of all categories. The new recalled item page contains new fields such as: Manufacturer(s), Sources, Sold At, Importer and Retail Information have been added in addition to other enhancements in the content of recall notices.

Recall notice with new added fields
Recall notice with new added fields
Importer, Sold At, and Manufacturer information in recall notices
Importer, Sold At, and Manufacturer information in recall notices


We hope this would give better user experience for our customers. Feel free to drop us a line or feedback for any inquiries.



Mostafa Elzoghbi, CEO of eRecall

How eRecall Reduces Risks of Recall to Business Owners

eRecall for manufacturers

Negative implications of recalls affect both the manufacturer and the business owner. Whereas the manufacturer will be adversely affected by brand trust issues and lost sales, the business owner will experience lost sales, hectic recall-transportation to the manufacturer as well as negative association with the manufacturer.

Businesses adversely affected by recalls include:

  • Resellers
  • Retail stores
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Processing businesses relying on manufactured goods
  • Contractors
  • Intermediaries

Recently, a giant airbag maker, ‘Takata Corp. Airbags‘ was hit by the harshest recall of airbags after complaints that nine people had lost their lives after being hit by plastic and metal shrapnel from the defective airbags. Takata reacted by recalling almost 300 million airbag inflators worldwide as of September 2016 with the Japanese airbag maker announcing that the worst-case costs would exceed 26 billion dollars.

Takata airbags are used worldwide from Latvia to Mongolia, from Beijing to Pretoria and Tokyo to Rio. There were business owners in different countries dealing with Takata airbags ranging from wholesalers, distributors, retailers, garage operators, raw-material suppliers, human resource suppliers, and hundreds of other businesses working with Takata Corp. Airbags to serve the world.

This recall had a devastating effect as consumers were afraid of these airbags. This led to many consumers opting for cars containing other airbags models leading to lost sales. Wholesalers, retailers, intermediaries, distributors and garage operators experienced lost sales too while suppliers of raw cut their supplies.

eRecall for manufacturers

To deal with the recall menace, business owners have to develop a way of keeping their existing customers happy while still attracting other prospective buyers. When confusion arises due to recall, customers may panic and steer clear of your products. Since not all the products might be affected, it is necessary to have a flow smooth of information informing the affected customers while striving to convince the unaffected customers and prospective buyers not to worry.

eRecall is an online service that seeks to address recall problem for business owners. eRecall works to bring business owners closer to customers and manufacturers to make the recall process effective and efficient. This, in turn, will solve confusion problems that might blow the recall process off proportion.

Since you, as the retailer, wholesaler, intermediary, contractor or distributor, are the one who deals with consumers, the recall process might require the consumer to bring back the recalled item to you. You will then transport it back to manufacturer or repairer.

In the case of replacement, the replacement item will come through you. eRecall bridges the communication gap by helping you communicate will enable your customers and your manufacturer, distributor or any other business in your chain.

Resolution Center

One of the most important tools in eRecall is the resolution center. It is at this communication center that the real communication and transactions take place. The resolution center is a secure platform where you communicate the recall details with all parties in your chain. Here is how the resolution center will help you as a business owner:

  • Communication Channels

At the resolution center, you can communicate directly with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will give you all the details of the recall including the specific number and details of recalled items sold through your business.

Consumers who bought the affected items through from your business will be able to communicate to you directly. You will be able to handle all their needs in one place instead of picking calls or replying messages to thousands of consumers.

  • Recalls Grouped by Product Items

eRecall groups recalled items by product items. If you are a retailer dealing with hundreds of different products, it will be difficult to manage six different recall products by your own. To avoid this, eRecall has grouped recalls according to product type. You will be able to differentiate a coffee-maker customer from a hair-dryer customer.

  • Easy Claims Handling

If six different products in your store are facing a recall, eRecall has made it easier for you to navigate through hundreds of claims made by customers who purchased these items from you. The claims are sorted according to the item being recalled. 

Products Center

The Products Center is a platform where you add all the products you purchase from manufacturers. You can add whichever products you deal with; cars, foods, drugs and electronics among others. This platform allows you to manage these products and notifies you if any item is recalled. You will be aware of all the recalled items way before customers place their claims.

eRecall is the place to be if you want a smooth recall process for items bought from your store. You might not be the manufacturer, but it’s your obligation to help the manufacturer to maintain your good brand recognition and avoid brand name damage.


Install eRecall iOS app for free from the app store today!

If you would like to share your experience with eRecall app to be featured in our website. Email me: mostafa (at) erecall (dot) net

How Consumers Can Avoid Risks of Recalls by Using eRecall


You have probably seen images of completely damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after its battery exploded. Some of these Samsung Note 7 cell phones exploded while on flight posing real risks to passengers. These are some of the problems consumers face for purchasing faulty products.

There are thousands of faulty products on sale ranging from electronics, cars, drugs and food substances. At times you do not know the safety status of a product at the point of purchase. You only realize the device is unsafe when an accident occurs or a recall is made.

You have seen significant recalls being made. For instance, in the year 2000, Ford automobile maker recalled over 6.5 million cars running on Firestone tires after the faulty tires caused 90 deaths, 240 injuries and 1,400 complaints in the United States. A giant drug manufacturing firm, Merck (MRK), recalled its arthritis drug Vioxx in the year 2000 after the drug was found to increase the risk of contracting heart attack. The related lawsuits and settlement claims saw the firm spend $4.85. In February 2017 alone, SodaStream recalled its carbonated bottles due to injury hazard, Moose Toys recalled toy frogs to avoid injury and chemical hazards, and Sony recalled VAIO laptop battery while Little Tikes recalled toddler swings exposing kids to fall hazard. These are just but a drop of water in an ocean.

Safety and Risk Mitigation

Recalls are a major source of worry for consumers. While Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conduct tests to determine the safety of consumer goods, you should be aware that these agencies are not able to comb the millions of products on the shelves. It is important for you as an individual to put in measures to keep your family safe.

Thanks to eRecall, we can now check for recalls easily. eRecall is an application which allows you to check for recalls for all your household items including electronics, car, food items, baby items, drugs as well as other assets you own at home. eRecall gives you information on your recalled assets and helps you communicate with the manufacturers to get a replacement or a refund.

How eRecall Works

eRecall is easy to use. First, you need to download the application from and install it. Alternatively, you can get it from Apple App Store.

Sign up to create your profile from where you will be operating. Next, you will need to import your household equipment details. You do this by scanning the bar code on the equipment. This information will be stored in your profile for future use. You can now sit back and wait for notification on recalls when any of the imported items is recalled.

How to use eRecall at The Point of Purchase

It is important to check the safety status of items on the shelf before making a purchase. eRecall is configured to check the safety of that cookie within seconds. Here are two simple steps:

  1. Scan the bar code on the cookie using eRecall app.
  2. Read the safety feed on the cookie.

It’s that pretty easy and fast. These two seconds you use to scan the cookie might become life-saving seconds when you realize that the Food and Drugs Administration has already ordered a recall.

Future Risk Mitigation

Besides offering you immediate services at the point of purchase or import, eRecall will be right here for you one year later. Since all your details were saved in your profile, eRecall will notify you when a recall is made in future. You can rest assured that any future recall will be communicated to you as soon as the recall is made. This will help you reduce exposure to recall risks.

Benefits of eRecall to Consumers

Consumers enjoy numerous benefits from using eRecall. Some of these benefits include:

  • Notification on recalled items.
  • Reduced risks due to recall awareness.
  • Ability to communicate directly with manufacturers in case of a recall.
  • Ability to place a claim with the manufacturer in case of a faulty product.
  • Ability to monitor progress on a product which has been recalled for repair or replacement.
  • eRecall helps consumers avoid purchasing faulty items.
  • It is easy to use for all consumers.
  • eRecall gives the consumer ability to enter details of old and existing products.
  • Daily notifications keep the consumer on alert of other recalled products.
  • eRecall allows for stress-free claim settlement between consumer and the manufacturer at the resolution center.
  • It is free! spread the word to all of your friends and family.

eRecall is, therefore, a vital application to every consumer. You get a chance to get first-hand recall information on items in your home as well as save money through the resolution center.

The eRecall application is dedicated to keeping your family safe by informing you of any faulty items you have in your household.

Install eRecall iOS app for free from the app store today!

If you would like to share your experience with eRecall app to be featured in our website. Email me: mostafa (at) erecall (dot) net


Keep Your Child Safe with eRecall


The most important thing to every mom is to see her child grow bigger and safe every day of her life. With so many dangerous items surrounding your baby, there is a danger of risks of recalled products. It is of utmost importance to do everything within your reach to ensure your child’s health is not compromised. One significant danger affecting your child is the harmful industrial items that can cause health hazards to your child. We see items being recalled every month due to defects that can cause illness to your baby. These defective items may contain harmful cancer-causing chemicals that may endanger the life of your child.

Risks Caused By Defective Items

Some of these articles may include kid toys like toy cars, kid foods like packed milk, beds, or even nursery room items like crayons. Other items include defective strollers, weak patio benches or even dining tables with the lead metal top. Defective food products will cause health hazards, illnesses, and sickness to your little angel. A broken stroller can cause the car seat to disengage exposing your child to a risk to fall. Broken crayons may have cancer causing chemicals in them while weak patio benches may pose a falling hazard. It is, therefore, paramount for you to keep an eye on the recalled items; your son’s toy car might be on the list.

Safety and Risk Mitigation

To ensure your kid isn’t playing with things facing threats of recall, it is important for you to keep track of all your son’s electronics and other items. The most efficient way to keep tab of all these elements is through the use of the eRecall application. eRecall is an application that informs you when anything you own is recalled. The eRecall application monitors all the products that have been recalled by their manufacturers due to various factors such as being defective, unsafe or posing a risk to kids.

eRecall is an online platform that bridges the gap between a government with manufacturers and between sellers and consumers.

How eRecall Works

The eRecall application is an online platform found at It works by providing you with recall information of an item when purchasing the item. It only requires you to perform a simple procedure to get this information. Here is how eRecall works:

  • Sign up

The first step is to download the application from You can as well download the application for free from Once you have installed the app, sign up to get your account.

  • Import your household items into the application

The next step is to import your household items into the application. You do this by scanning the barcodes on the items. The barcode contains all the information of your particular item such as country of origin, serial number, date of manufacture and ingredients as well as a communication channel with the manufacturer.

  • Wait to get daily information on recalls

Once the information has been captured, you can sit back and wait for daily notifications. During a recall, the manufacturer calls back items based on their serial numbers. If your kid’s toy car is defective, you will find in the list of recalls.

  • Use the resolution center to get refund or replacement

Once a recall has been made, you are either entitled to a replacement, repair or a refund. You don’t need to travel back to the manufacturer as you can do all that at the resolution center provided by the eRecall application. Discuss terms and conditions for the recall from the comfort of your home or on the go using our mobile app.

  • Get access to your items and assets anywhere you are.

eRecall will monitor the recall progress while informing you of any new developments. You go on to enjoy the useful information on the other items. You can get access to information from wherever you are. You just need to login to your account and check any item.

How to Use eRecall During Purchase

Besides importing items at home, you can use eRecall at the point of purchase. Before buying an item, scan the barcode and check the item’s safety. You can do this wherever you are; shopping malls, supermarkets, retail shop or at exhibition halls. It only takes a few seconds that could turn out life-saving.

Future Risk Mitigation

eRecall saves your scanned products on your profile for future mitigation. As long as your profile is active, you will be secured even in the future.

eRecall is the life and money saving application you need to have. This app keeps your family safe and healthy. It ensures your kid isn’t surrounded by any life-threatening items and that you save money by using the virtual resolution center in case of a recall. It is easy to acquire; just log in at, sign up, import items on the go and wait for recall information.

Search Recalls for Free

eRecall provides immediate access for recalls of all types. eRecall contains Foods, Drugs, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Meat and Poultry Products, Cars, Trucks, Motor Vehicles, Car Seats, Environmental Products, Boats and Consumer products recalls.


eRecall provides an easy way to search all types of recalls, just type a product name, manufacturer name, UPC, Recall Number or agency name and the system shows search results with detailed information about recalled products based on the search criteria.

search all recalls
Search recalls box

eRecall provides a unique opportunity for consumers to protect their assets by storing personal items you purchased or in your wish list and notify you with any future recalls that might affect a product you own at your household.

Use the search option to find recalled products and safeguard your family from defective or dangerous items.

eRecall provides a great  opportunity for a consumer to contact a re-seller or distributor by using the resolution center in eRecall web or mobile app.


recall search results
Search results


eRecall provides an easy way to check recall status for any product by scanning the barcode of a product. This product is stored in products center for any future recall notice. Simply scan the barcode of any product you buy or are interested in and find out if it’s recalled or safe to use.


eRecall iOS app:

We have our iOS app in the app store, you can download it for free and start scanning any products at the time of purchase in any store.

Hope this helps.

eRecall iOS App is available in the App Store



We are very excited to announce that the eRecall iOS app has been released and is in the app store today! We are thrilled with the app features we offer to our customers for free. eRecall is a free app that provides immediate access to recalls information. Recalls from all types are in eRecall app ranging from food, drugs, cars, consumer products and medical devices.

  • Have you ever owned a recalled product and unknowingly put yourself at risk?
  • Have you ever gotten sick after eating a meal and didn’t know why?
  • How can you make sure that products you buy from eCommerce sites are safe and not recalled?
  • How can you be assured that you know when products you own are recalled?
  • How can you save money by getting a refund, replacement or a fix for a recalled product?

The answer to all your questions is the: eRecall App.


Using eRecall, you are able to check if all products you own are recalled in an effective, personalized and easy way!

The eRecall app allows users to scan barcodes and check the recall status for the scanned product. These products get saved in the products center. If any recall notice is published that affects any of the products in the products center, you will be notified by the eRecall app to take an action. This action is handled through the resolution center so you can submit a claim to the manufacturer or resellter to handle your claim as stated in the recall notice. Recalled products will either be replaced, fixed or you will get a refund of what you paid for.
eRecall helps you to save money by allowing users take an action at the time a recalled product notice has been published.

Try our app today and we would love to hear your feedback.

eRecall iOS app download url:


2015 Recalls in Review

Hi All,

We would like to share some reports, facts and analysis for 2015 recalls. By the end of 2015, 1548 recalls have been published just in the US. eRecall published all recall notices by US federal agencies including: FDA, CPSC, USDA, FSIS, NHTSA, and CDC.

Below is a top down breakdown for 2015 recalls by US agency based on published recalls notices:

  1. CDC: 459 recalls  – 29.7%
  2. FDA: 345 recalls (Food & Drugs)  – 22.3%
  3. CPSC: 306 recalls  – 19.8%
  4. NHTSA: 293 recalls (Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles)  – 18.2%
  5. USDA: 145 recalls (USDA & FSIS)  – 10%

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.55.00 PM

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the top US agency for published recalls in 2015 followed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the second place. The CPSC comes in the third place for consumer products recalls with 19.8% from the total recalls in 2015.

We looked at the published recalls and we found that the recalled products fall under 4 main categories: Food, Drugs, Vehicles and Consumer Products.

The majority of recalls in 2015 fall under food recalls with 58.3% of the total recalls, while consumer products fall in the second place with 19.8%. Vehicles category fall in the third place with 18.2%. The drugs category comes in the fourth place with 3.7%.

We have extracted all this facts and reports from eRecall. Sign up for free and you will be able to use all available reports in the Reports Center.

By signing up to eRecall, you can monitor recalls and get notifications for recall notices published by US government agencies in a timely manner. eRecall helps consumers and manufacturers resolve recall notices by getting a direct channel to communicate with resellers and manufactuers.

Hope this helps.


Recalls Analytics in action


We are writing this blog post to highlight one of the amazing features we have in our recalls management product (eRecall) that helps consumers and businesses to protect their assets, save money and safe lives.

eRecall is a cloud SaaS product that scales with any inventory capacity. No mater what is the size of your inventory or number of items you own to be monitored and protected from recall notices.

Since retail stores and manufacturers are experiencing lack of monitoring, automated and intelligent tools that help organizations to minimize the effort to handle recalls, recalls cost and customers’ dissatisfaction. eRecall is a ready to use platform to protect assets & brand.

eRecall contains a communication platform (Resolution Center) to communicate with your customers; in addition to reports center which has reports and analytics for system and user level reporting.

You can sign up for free, visit and create a free account in few seconds!
Once you sign in, Access your account and you can check out “Reports Center” with rich capabilities to slice and dice system and personal information through various filter criteria.

A screenshot for the Reports Center Homepage:

Recalls Reports Center

eRecall Guard is live


Today we would like to announce our newest product “eRecall Guard”, a notification platform for product recalls in the eRecall platform. eRecall Guard is a 24×7 monitoring and notification platform that notifies our customers with recent product recalls.

eRecall Guard notices are personalized, and tailored recall messages for products you care about. The products include items purchased, items in wish lists or watch lists or sold items.

eRecall customers can add products through different scenarios and circumstances:

  1. My eRecall, a personalized view for recalled product items that have been favorited by a user.
  2. Product Center, a repository for all products you added, and synched from external e-Commerce sites.
  3. Products that have been added by clicking on “I own this product”.
  4. Vehicles in the products center.
  5. A customer who subscribed for recalls notifications.

eRecall Guard provides a personalized digest emails for products you care about. It also provides an action item for contacting the manufacturer or reseller of a recalled product. eRecall Guard helps customers to protect their lives and take an action item for a recalled item by utilizing the resolution center in eRecall.

You can manage your subscription by category in addition to the frequency of eRecall Guard notifications in the eRecall Account Management.


In addition, we have pushed a few updates to our website for better account management and based on the customers’ feedback.

A sample of a digest email we send for recent product recalls is below: