Recalls Analytics in action


We are writing this blog post to highlight one of the amazing features we have in our recalls management product (eRecall) that helps consumers and businesses to protect their assets, save money and safe lives.

eRecall is a cloud SaaS product that scales with any inventory capacity. No mater what is the size of your inventory or number of items you own to be monitored and protected from recall notices.

Since retail stores and manufacturers are experiencing lack of monitoring, automated and intelligent tools that help organizations to minimize the effort to handle recalls, recalls cost and customers’ dissatisfaction. eRecall is a ready to use platform to protect assets & brand.

eRecall contains a communication platform (Resolution Center) to communicate with your customers; in addition to reports center which has reports and analytics for system and user level reporting.

You can sign up for free, visit and create a free account in few seconds!
Once you sign in, Access your account and you can check out “Reports Center” with rich capabilities to slice and dice system and personal information through various filter criteria.

A screenshot for the Reports Center Homepage:

Recalls Reports Center

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