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eRecall Platform December Updates Announcement

This blog post is to announce recent product updates and enhancements in eRecall platform. We have been working tirelessly to release new features that have been requested by our customers.

In this post, we are going to provide high level overview for features we have published into our websit

1) Introducing Mega Recalls: In this new feature, users can easily navigate through mega recalls for items that have been recalled from top US retail stores or has affected units more than 100K units.

Mega recalls from Target and other top US retail stores
Mega recalls from Target and other top US retail stores

2) Introducing Trending Recalls:    In this new feature, users can easily navigate through important recalls for items that have been viewed, or shared through social media websites from our users.

Trending recalls: food recalls, products, drugs, medical devices, vehicles and more


3) Analytics Insights: In this new feature, users can easily check out  recalls at 360 degree for recalls by country, category, organization such as: FDA, CPSC, …etc and Remedy types.

4) Recall Item enhancements:   In this page, we have done tons of new enhancements in viewing new details of recall notices of all categories. The new recalled item page contains new fields such as: Manufacturer(s), Sources, Sold At, Importer and Retail Information have been added in addition to other enhancements in the content of recall notices.

Recall notice with new added fields
Recall notice with new added fields
Importer, Sold At, and Manufacturer information in recall notices
Importer, Sold At, and Manufacturer information in recall notices


We hope this would give better user experience for our customers. Feel free to drop us a line or feedback for any inquiries.



Mostafa Elzoghbi, CEO of eRecall

eRecall iOS App is available in the App Store



We are very excited to announce that the eRecall iOS app has been released and is in the app store today! We are thrilled with the app features we offer to our customers for free. eRecall is a free app that provides immediate access to recalls information. Recalls from all types are in eRecall app ranging from food, drugs, cars, consumer products and medical devices.

  • Have you ever owned a recalled product and unknowingly put yourself at risk?
  • Have you ever gotten sick after eating a meal and didn’t know why?
  • How can you make sure that products you buy from eCommerce sites are safe and not recalled?
  • How can you be assured that you know when products you own are recalled?
  • How can you save money by getting a refund, replacement or a fix for a recalled product?

The answer to all your questions is the: eRecall App.


Using eRecall, you are able to check if all products you own are recalled in an effective, personalized and easy way!

The eRecall app allows users to scan barcodes and check the recall status for the scanned product. These products get saved in the products center. If any recall notice is published that affects any of the products in the products center, you will be notified by the eRecall app to take an action. This action is handled through the resolution center so you can submit a claim to the manufacturer or resellter to handle your claim as stated in the recall notice. Recalled products will either be replaced, fixed or you will get a refund of what you paid for.
eRecall helps you to save money by allowing users take an action at the time a recalled product notice has been published.

Try our app today and we would love to hear your feedback.

eRecall iOS app download url:


eRecall Guard is live


Today we would like to announce our newest product “eRecall Guard”, a notification platform for product recalls in the eRecall platform. eRecall Guard is a 24×7 monitoring and notification platform that notifies our customers with recent product recalls.

eRecall Guard notices are personalized, and tailored recall messages for products you care about. The products include items purchased, items in wish lists or watch lists or sold items.

eRecall customers can add products through different scenarios and circumstances:

  1. My eRecall, a personalized view for recalled product items that have been favorited by a user.
  2. Product Center, a repository for all products you added, and synched from external e-Commerce sites.
  3. Products that have been added by clicking on “I own this product”.
  4. Vehicles in the products center.
  5. A customer who subscribed for recalls notifications.

eRecall Guard provides a personalized digest emails for products you care about. It also provides an action item for contacting the manufacturer or reseller of a recalled product. eRecall Guard helps customers to protect their lives and take an action item for a recalled item by utilizing the resolution center in eRecall.

You can manage your subscription by category in addition to the frequency of eRecall Guard notifications in the eRecall Account Management.


In addition, we have pushed a few updates to our website for better account management and based on the customers’ feedback.

A sample of a digest email we send for recent product recalls is below: