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2015 Recalls in Review

Hi All,

We would like to share some reports, facts and analysis for 2015 recalls. By the end of 2015, 1548 recalls have been published just in the US. eRecall published all recall notices by US federal agencies including: FDA, CPSC, USDA, FSIS, NHTSA, and CDC.

Below is a top down breakdown for 2015 recalls by US agency based on published recalls notices:

  1. CDC: 459 recalls  – 29.7%
  2. FDA: 345 recalls (Food & Drugs)  – 22.3%
  3. CPSC: 306 recalls  – 19.8%
  4. NHTSA: 293 recalls (Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles)  – 18.2%
  5. USDA: 145 recalls (USDA & FSIS)  – 10%

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the top US agency for published recalls in 2015 followed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the second place. The CPSC comes in the third place for consumer products recalls with 19.8% from the total recalls in 2015.

We looked at the published recalls and we found that the recalled products fall under 4 main categories: Food, Drugs, Vehicles and Consumer Products.

The majority of recalls in 2015 fall under food recalls with 58.3% of the total recalls, while consumer products fall in the second place with 19.8%. Vehicles category fall in the third place with 18.2%. The drugs category comes in the fourth place with 3.7%.

We have extracted all this facts and reports from eRecall. Sign up for free and you will be able to use all available reports in the Reports Center.

By signing up to eRecall, you can monitor recalls and get notifications for recall notices published by US government agencies in a timely manner. eRecall helps consumers and manufacturers resolve recall notices by getting a direct channel to communicate with resellers and manufactuers.

Hope this helps.