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How eRecall Reduces Risks of Recall to Business Owners

eRecall for manufacturers

Negative implications of recalls affect both the manufacturer and the business owner. Whereas the manufacturer will be adversely affected by brand trust issues and lost sales, the business owner will experience lost sales, hectic recall-transportation to the manufacturer as well as negative association with the manufacturer.

Businesses adversely affected by recalls include:

  • Resellers
  • Retail stores
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Processing businesses relying on manufactured goods
  • Contractors
  • Intermediaries

Recently, a giant airbag maker, ‘Takata Corp. Airbags‘ was hit by the harshest recall of airbags after complaints that nine people had lost their lives after being hit by plastic and metal shrapnel from the defective airbags. Takata reacted by recalling almost 300 million airbag inflators worldwide as of September 2016 with the Japanese airbag maker announcing that the worst-case costs would exceed 26 billion dollars.

Takata airbags are used worldwide from Latvia to Mongolia, from Beijing to Pretoria and Tokyo to Rio. There were business owners in different countries dealing with Takata airbags ranging from wholesalers, distributors, retailers, garage operators, raw-material suppliers, human resource suppliers, and hundreds of other businesses working with Takata Corp. Airbags to serve the world.

This recall had a devastating effect as consumers were afraid of these airbags. This led to many consumers opting for cars containing other airbags models leading to lost sales. Wholesalers, retailers, intermediaries, distributors and garage operators experienced lost sales too while suppliers of raw cut their supplies.

eRecall for manufacturers

To deal with the recall menace, business owners have to develop a way of keeping their existing customers happy while still attracting other prospective buyers. When confusion arises due to recall, customers may panic and steer clear of your products. Since not all the products might be affected, it is necessary to have a flow smooth of information informing the affected customers while striving to convince the unaffected customers and prospective buyers not to worry.

eRecall is an online service that seeks to address recall problem for business owners. eRecall works to bring business owners closer to customers and manufacturers to make the recall process effective and efficient. This, in turn, will solve confusion problems that might blow the recall process off proportion.

Since you, as the retailer, wholesaler, intermediary, contractor or distributor, are the one who deals with consumers, the recall process might require the consumer to bring back the recalled item to you. You will then transport it back to manufacturer or repairer.

In the case of replacement, the replacement item will come through you. eRecall bridges the communication gap by helping you communicate will enable your customers and your manufacturer, distributor or any other business in your chain.

Resolution Center

One of the most important tools in eRecall is the resolution center. It is at this communication center that the real communication and transactions take place. The resolution center is a secure platform where you communicate the recall details with all parties in your chain. Here is how the resolution center will help you as a business owner:

  • Communication Channels

At the resolution center, you can communicate directly with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will give you all the details of the recall including the specific number and details of recalled items sold through your business.

Consumers who bought the affected items through from your business will be able to communicate to you directly. You will be able to handle all their needs in one place instead of picking calls or replying messages to thousands of consumers.

  • Recalls Grouped by Product Items

eRecall groups recalled items by product items. If you are a retailer dealing with hundreds of different products, it will be difficult to manage six different recall products by your own. To avoid this, eRecall has grouped recalls according to product type. You will be able to differentiate a coffee-maker customer from a hair-dryer customer.

  • Easy Claims Handling

If six different products in your store are facing a recall, eRecall has made it easier for you to navigate through hundreds of claims made by customers who purchased these items from you. The claims are sorted according to the item being recalled. 

Products Center

The Products Center is a platform where you add all the products you purchase from manufacturers. You can add whichever products you deal with; cars, foods, drugs and electronics among others. This platform allows you to manage these products and notifies you if any item is recalled. You will be aware of all the recalled items way before customers place their claims.

eRecall is the place to be if you want a smooth recall process for items bought from your store. You might not be the manufacturer, but it’s your obligation to help the manufacturer to maintain your good brand recognition and avoid brand name damage.


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