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Keep Your Child Safe with eRecall


The most important thing to every mom is to see her child grow bigger and safe every day of her life. With so many dangerous items surrounding your baby, there is a danger of risks of recalled products. It is of utmost importance to do everything within your reach to ensure your child’s health is not compromised. One significant danger affecting your child is the harmful industrial items that can cause health hazards to your child. We see items being recalled every month due to defects that can cause illness to your baby. These defective items may contain harmful cancer-causing chemicals that may endanger the life of your child.

Risks Caused By Defective Items

Some of these articles may include kid toys like toy cars, kid foods like packed milk, beds, or even nursery room items like crayons. Other items include defective strollers, weak patio benches or even dining tables with the lead metal top. Defective food products will cause health hazards, illnesses, and sickness to your little angel. A broken stroller can cause the car seat to disengage exposing your child to a risk to fall. Broken crayons may have cancer causing chemicals in them while weak patio benches may pose a falling hazard. It is, therefore, paramount for you to keep an eye on the recalled items; your son’s toy car might be on the list.

Safety and Risk Mitigation

To ensure your kid isn’t playing with things facing threats of recall, it is important for you to keep track of all your son’s electronics and other items. The most efficient way to keep tab of all these elements is through the use of the eRecall application. eRecall is an application that informs you when anything you own is recalled. The eRecall application monitors all the products that have been recalled by their manufacturers due to various factors such as being defective, unsafe or posing a risk to kids.

eRecall is an online platform that bridges the gap between a government with manufacturers and between sellers and consumers.

How eRecall Works

The eRecall application is an online platform found at https://www.erecall.net. It works by providing you with recall information of an item when purchasing the item. It only requires you to perform a simple procedure to get this information. Here is how eRecall works:

  • Sign up

The first step is to download the application from https://www.erecall.net. You can as well download the application for free from https://www.itunes.com. Once you have installed the app, sign up to get your account.

  • Import your household items into the application

The next step is to import your household items into the application. You do this by scanning the barcodes on the items. The barcode contains all the information of your particular item such as country of origin, serial number, date of manufacture and ingredients as well as a communication channel with the manufacturer.

  • Wait to get daily information on recalls

Once the information has been captured, you can sit back and wait for daily notifications. During a recall, the manufacturer calls back items based on their serial numbers. If your kid’s toy car is defective, you will find in the list of recalls.

  • Use the resolution center to get refund or replacement

Once a recall has been made, you are either entitled to a replacement, repair or a refund. You don’t need to travel back to the manufacturer as you can do all that at the resolution center provided by the eRecall application. Discuss terms and conditions for the recall from the comfort of your home or on the go using our mobile app.

  • Get access to your items and assets anywhere you are.

eRecall will monitor the recall progress while informing you of any new developments. You go on to enjoy the useful information on the other items. You can get access to information from wherever you are. You just need to login to your account and check any item.

How to Use eRecall During Purchase

Besides importing items at home, you can use eRecall at the point of purchase. Before buying an item, scan the barcode and check the item’s safety. You can do this wherever you are; shopping malls, supermarkets, retail shop or at exhibition halls. It only takes a few seconds that could turn out life-saving.

Future Risk Mitigation

eRecall saves your scanned products on your profile for future mitigation. As long as your profile is active, you will be secured even in the future.

eRecall is the life and money saving application you need to have. This app keeps your family safe and healthy. It ensures your kid isn’t surrounded by any life-threatening items and that you save money by using the virtual resolution center in case of a recall. It is easy to acquire; just log in at www.erecall.net, sign up, import items on the go and wait for recall information.