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Search Recalls for Free

eRecall provides immediate access for recalls of all types. eRecall contains Foods, Drugs, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Meat and Poultry Products, Cars, Trucks, Motor Vehicles, Car Seats, Environmental Products, Boats and Consumer products recalls.


eRecall provides an easy way to search all types of recalls, just type a product name, manufacturer name, UPC, Recall Number or agency name and the system shows search results with detailed information about recalled products based on the search criteria.

search all recalls
Search recalls box

eRecall provides a unique opportunity for consumers to protect their assets by storing personal items you purchased or in your wish list and notify you with any future recalls that might affect a product you own at your household.

Use the search option to find recalled products and safeguard your family from defective or dangerous items.

eRecall provides a great  opportunity for a consumer to contact a re-seller or distributor by using the resolution center in eRecall web or mobile app.


recall search results
Search results


eRecall provides an easy way to check recall status for any product by scanning the barcode of a¬†product. This product is stored in products center for any future recall notice. Simply scan the barcode of any product you buy or are interested in and find out if it’s recalled or safe to use.


eRecall iOS app:

We have our iOS app in the app store, you can download it for free and start scanning any products at the time of purchase in any store.

Hope this helps.